My name is Peter Wright and I am a transformative coach and welcome to my website. I live in North Devon in South West England, and my work with clients takes me from being online, to working in my own locality and also as a “nomadic coach” visiting clients in their own environs in other parts of Great Britain.

Everything has a purpose, and my long and varied working life up to now has enriched this purpose with experience. I have worked as an accountant in private practice, and in small companies in a variety of industries from tourism to leisure clothing. An additional role in these companies was to develop internal IT systems providing business infrastructure, relevant data collation and reporting information. Along the way I’ve also worked self employed as a chef and hotelier, and ran my own record business. I’ve been full time groundsman at my local cricket club for several seasons, and played guitar and performed solo, duo and in small combos to mainly medium sized audiences over a number of years.

For the last 25 years I’ve coached sport (mainly rugby and cricket) with players whose ages range from 4-70! Increasingly in that time I’ve taken a passionate interest in practical sports psychology and expanded this into mainstream therapy and performance coaching, using NLP, TimeLine Therapy, Hypnotic Phenomena, Clean Language, TFT, EMIPlus and Open Focus amongst a wide range of perspectives, techniques and methodologies. Over the last six years I have shifted my focus towards encouraging clients to awaken to the Inside-Out nature of reality that is underpinned by The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

All of my Coaching – under whatever umbrella that might be – is now done from an overriding mental perspective, helping people enhance how they do what they do from the Inside > Out, whether learning new skills or correcting old habits, transforming their day-to-day lives, or reuniting themselves with a part of their identity they might have felt was ‘lost’. And the purpose, via this, essentially is to enrich the quality of their lives.

For me, making a difference in people’s lives is of the utmost importance and to be able to do this through my work is very much the pinnacle of job satisfaction. I do not see it as a job, however, but a way of life. Every day really is a new experience and a new challenge, whether I’m teaching cricket in schools, helping someone stop smoking, improving their creative focus, social skills or their interactive communication, decision making and motivation whether at work or leisure.
Another side of my work is what I call Spiritual Coaching, which is something I encountered on a recent journey of personal renewal – when I was not only reunited with a part of my youthful innocence that was ‘stolen’ by two years of abuse, but also when I rediscovered a deep well of love and emotion that I thought had been lost through dedicated, daily, live-in care for my aging father who increasingly suffered with dementia.
Although he has now passed away, part of that challenge of looking after my Dad who was 96 when he died, was made easier by my knowing what I know about the workings of the mind. I know it was of huge benefit to my being able to look after him in his own home, in familiar surroundings, with his own hobbies and pleasures at his fingertips, and without his having the worry of dealing with the interfering strictures of an institutional life.

I also spend a lot of time both studying and writing – about what I do, and to broaden my knowledge about what I do. So I could also say I am an ongoing student – and author, with, to date, seven published titles in the genre of personal development!

My other passion is undoubtedly music, and I have recently fulfilled a long-time promise to take my guitars out of their cases and set to once again with the playing side of music. As well as the playing side I’m an avid listener with an eclectic taste that stretches from Rock to Schoenberg, and from Jazz to Hildegard of Bingen!

I’ve said and written on many occasions about knowledge only being of any value if you spend it, or use it. I’m happy to say that I hold true to the idea that if something, a particular approach, some technique, a certain methodology works for me – then I want to learn more about it. And the sole purpose of that learning IS to use it for the benefit of clients, loved ones and self. Occasionally some of the I work I do uses ideas and methodologies where I’ve had no certificated training, or perhaps there isn’t any! In many ways, I’ve not always felt the need to have strings of letters after my name, because not all trainings actually lead to experience to be fair. Whereas experience, I have found, takes knowledge to the level of understanding.
There are however some exceptions to my “String Theory” of letters after my name, which are:

Master Hypnotherapist (ABH, GHR Registered and CNHC accredited practitioner)

Master Practitioner of NLP (ABNLP), Master Practitioner of TimeLine Therapy

UKCC2 Cricket Coach, RFU Rugby Coach