To date I have written seven books in the domain of personal or team development – or as I call it perceptual change. In my view all perceptual change engenders development on some level whether we are aged 1 or 91 – whereby we notice a difference in perspective, which leads to our learning, and thus we continue to develop.

I write from personal and practical experience as I have encountered change using the methodologies I am currently familiar with. As I see it, knowing what makes us and those around us tick, is great theoretical knowledge. However, only the spending of that knowledge will make it powerful and valuable for us.

While the books contain many practical examples of transformational outcomes, they do – by nature of their construction – encourage the reader to also be an open-minded fellow traveller on the journey. Many noticeably covert subtleties abound, and one of the particular areas of feedback I’ve had from readers has been noticing their own changes of view that have resulted from reading the chapters.

Although one can do so, these are not books to be read from start to finish per se, but rather to be dipped into on a regular basis. Chapters are short, taken – as some are – from articles on my blogs.

If you click on any of the books illustrated, the link will take you either Amazon (paperback or kindle versions) or Lulu Marketplace (my publishing source). There you can find many more details about each book with regards to both content and prices. I also do signed copies – so, for those folk who have that preference when buying a ‘tangible’ version, please contact me direct and I will send you a more personal copy!